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Our mission at Frenchie Fetch is to offer busy pet parents and their beloved dogs a complete one-stop personalized pet service where all of your dog's needs will be meet beyond your expectations. We take your individual dog's needs into great concideration so that we can provide both of you with a fulfilling pet care experience. 


Daily exercise is very important for dogs to remain happy and healthy. We offer daily outings where you dog will get to socialize, play and explore along his best K9 buddies. Have your dog join us on our daily adventures while you are guilt-free at work, knowing that you dog is rather having an awesome time exploring SF along his best friends!



Are you away from home for long periods of time? Do you have a puppy that has extra energy to burn? Doggy Daycare is our all-day-play experience! A perfect option for busy pet parents who are away from home all day and ideal for energetic puppies. Your pup will surely be ready to snooze by your side upon your return home. 









We offer overnight stays at our private loving home for all Frenchie Fetch walking and daycare members. Your dog will enjoy fun sleepovers and feel at home among familiar humans and all his best K9 buddies!  





Has a new puppy recently joined your family? We are here to help you care for your new best friends. For puppies who are looking to eventually join our group outings or daycare program, but are not ready just yet, we offer 30 min puppy visits were we will come over and help you with your puppy's regular routine while you are away. During our visit, we will play while teaching your puppy manners. We will practice basic training commands (sit, stay, come, name recognition, leave it, drop it, etc) with your puppy and help you raise a well adjusted dog. In no time your puppy will be ready to join our adventure pack!




K9 Requirements

Payment information: We accept cash and checks. All fees must be paid in advance


Dogs need to have a current license and ID tag


Dogs must be up-to-date with their vaccinations (proof of DHPP & Rabies is required)


Dogs must be on a monthly flea & tick medication


Dogs must be at least 4 months of age to join group walks & have completed their vaccinations.


    * (If you need help with a younger puppy, we also offer puppy visits until your pup is ready to             join us on our group walks)


Puppies must be enrolled or have completed basic obedience training


All dogs must play nice with other dogs and have a good recall

We serve the neighborhoods       and surrounding areas:


West Portal    |   Saint Francis Woods  |    Sunny Side    |        Glen Park   |  Noe Valley   |   Parts of the Sunset   |   Ingleside  |  


Diamond Heights  |   Forest Hill      |   Clarendon Heights      |  Parts of Bernal Heights       |  Buena Vista    |    Corona Heights  |  


 Ashbury Heights


We serve several neighborhoods in San Francisco, membership rates vary depending on your location. Please give us a call!


Dog Walking & Daycare
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