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 I love my job and my pack knows it!

We are dog lovers and pet care professionals who are passionate and truly love what we do! And when your pup is under our care, they become a part of our family! We will treat you dog as our very own, with great love and respect. This is what sets us apart from larger dog walking companies! We build strong special bonds with each one of our dogs and it gives us the greatest joy to provide your dog with a wonderful experience each day!

At Frenchie Fetch is our mission to provide both clients and their beloved dogs a very personalized pet care experience where we provide a one-stop full pet care service for you and you dog. From daily group outings, doggy daycare, overnights or petsitting, you and your dog will have an extended family on us to count on!






Daily exercise is very important in order for dogs to remain healthy and happy! A quick stroll around the block, or quick potty break is just not enough stimulation for most dogs, but busy schedules can make it tough for owners to provide consistent quality outings leaving you feeling guilty at times...


That's why Frenchie Fetch is here to help! While you are busy at work we will take your dog on daily group outing adventures around beautiful SF, soon your dog will have a busier life than you and thats our plan! We'll provide your dog with a fullfiling experience that will exercise and stimulate both your dog's physical and mental abilities. 




Structured-Play   |   Exercise  |  Safety


We want your dog to thrive, that's why it is our mission to provide your dog with a stable social environment, where he will get to socialize, practice good manners, play, run, explore, reconnect with nature and wear off his energy! At Frenchie Fetch your dog will benefit from all this along his very own pack of familiar BFFs! 

We are able to provide this stable environment by carefully screening each of our dogs and organizing our playgroups based on temperament, size, play style, and energy level. Before placing your dog in one of our groups, we first take your dog's individual needs into great consideration so that we make sure he benefits the most on our daily adventures!



Benefits of Regular Exercise




  • It will help your dog stay active and maintain a healthy weight

  • In case your dog is overweight, your dog can benefit from daily consistent exersice in order to reach a healthy weight


  • You will come home to a calmer and tired dog!   


  • A great opportunity for mental stimulation,socialization and play time among familiar pack members.


  • Your dog will practice good behavior and basic commands on a daily basis. Sits, wait, leave it and most importantly recall!

  • Regular exercise and mental stimulation helps prevent destructive behavior at home and help with separation anxiety


Small Family Business -Personalized service where you will always know who is picking up and taking your dog out for his/her outing.​ 

​Positive Reward-Based Methods- We encourage good behavior through positive reinforcement using lots of praise and natural treats only.

Photo Updates- ​Frequent updates of your dog's day will let you know the highlights of his/her day with us!

​Education- ​Diana graduated from DogTec* Dog Walking Academy and is a certified dog walker. She is also Pet First Aid and CPR certified. 

​Carefully Tailored Playgroups- We specialized in small to medium sized dogs in order to maintain our outings safe and fun for each of our pack members.​ 

​Licensed, Insured and Bonded for peace of mind!- Frenchie Fetch is a professional Licensed, Insured and Bonded pet care service.

About Diana | Founder 

Professional Certifications
  • ​Frenchie Fetch is a licensed business with the city and county of San Francisco

  • Certified by Dog*Tec Professional Dog Walking Academy

  • Insured and bonded by Kennel Pro Insurance

  • First Aid and CPR certified by PetTech

  • We are registered with SF ProDog Walkers Association

  • Certified in pack management, canine communication & body language, safety and fight protocols, basic training, and trail etiquette.

About Us

Making Dogs Happy Since 2011


Please let me introduce myself, my name is Diana and I'm the founder of Frenchie Fetch. I am a Certified Professional Dog Walker and a graduate of Dog*Tec's Dog Walking Academy. I'm certified in pack management, canine communication & body language, safety protocols, basic training and trail etiquette. I am a strong believer in reward-based training, positive reinforment and I'm very passionate about continuing my education in dog behavior and training.  

Now here's the story of how Frenchie Fetch was born, I always had an inmense love and passion for dogs, but I finally found my life calling when my bulldog Micklo came into my life! suddenly found myself loving our adventures together so muchspending my days caring for this amazing being and being out in nature just filled my tank of happiness every time! Soon my heart was set on starting our dog walking business and the rest in history, together we founded Frenchie Fetch and I've never looked back! And there's nothing that gives my heart more joy than spending my days out in nature with your fur kid exploring the beauty of our beautiful city. And everyday I strive to make a positive impact in your dog's life as they do in mine. I genuinely love my job and the dogs know it! Be it during our daily outings exploring and reconnecting with nature, or during our cozy sleepovers at home, everyday is an adventure and I always look forward to spending my days in your dog's company! When I'm not out with my pack, you can find me working on my photography and graphic design or exploring a new dog-friendly restaurant in town.

My pack and I can't wait to meet you and your beloved dog!






Dog Walking & Daycare
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