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Short-Nose (Brachycephalic) Dog Specialist

Frenchie Fetch Dog is the only dog walking service in San Francisco exclusively specializing in the care of short-nosed (brachycephalic) dogs. At Frenchie Fetch it is our mission and greatest commited to keep you beloved dog safe at all times while also having a wonderful time during our daily adventures! As long time short-snout dog owners ourselves, we really saw a need for a pet care service for squishy face dogs, with outings that were design exclusively around their needs. We wanted to provide a pet service that would include amazing adventure outings around the city, while taking into great consideration their high risk for overheating and that's how Frenchie Fetch was born! We know the risks of over-heating in our short-nosed dogs and the importance of staying proactive and alert specially during warm weather days. At Frenchie Fetch we have extended experience caring for our little four-legged friends and we always take preventive messures to ensure that we keep each of our dogs comfortable and nice and cool while still enjoying the great outdoors! 


Why Choose US? 

  • During warm days we carefully pick locations that will provide our dogs with plenty of shade or we opt for the beach where our dogs can splash in the water to cool down.

  • We always carry fresh water during our walks and take water breaks along the way as needed. We carry an EcoGear WaterDog Backpack and water bowls at all times so that our pups stay properly hydrated and have a drink when they need it. 


  • Even during cool days, short-snouted dogs can over-exert themselves while playing! We always make sure to have our most rambunctious pups take small breathers while playing and we do not rush them if they need to take a break in the shade.  


  • We keep our pick-up locations as tight as possible to minimized traveling time in the car and to allow for more time having FUN! 

  • Our vehicle is well ventilated and with a great air conditioning system for a safe ride and great comfort.  

  • Our walks are timed so that our most heat sensitive dogs go on our first early morning walk before it gets too warm or later in the afternoon.

  • We are very familiar with the early signs of over-heating and have extended experience being highly proactive and  staying alert at all times.

  • We have Stellar References from many other Squishy Face Pet Parents and are available upon request!



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Frenchie Fetch is your Walking Service Specializing in Brachycephalic Dogs!


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