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About Diana | Owner | Operator

 I love my job and my pack knows it!



My name is Diana and I'm the owner/operator at Frenchie Fetch. I am a professional dog walker, certified in pack management, canine communication & body language, safety and fight protocols, basic training, and trail ettiquete. I am also certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.


I am an avid dog lover! Since an early age I have always had an inmense love and passion for dogs. I grew up surrounded by them, and since I can remember I've always been the happiest while in their company.

So finally I decided to follow my heart and founded Frenchie Fetch! And I've never looked back because nothing makes me more happy than being around my k9 buddies and everyday I strive to make a positive impact in their lives as they do in mine.


I love my job and the dogs know it! I always look forward to our adventures together. Be it during our daily outings exploring and reconnecting with nature, or during our cozy sleepovers at home! Everyday is an adventure and I always look forward to spending my days in their company! 


Some of my favorite hobbies are graphic design and photography, specially when it comes to capturing memories of the dogs having fun ! When I get an awesome picture of them, I feel like I've just hit the jackpot! ;)


I'm also a  strong believer in reward-based training and positive reinforment! Our dogs give us their genuine unconditional love and loyalty, and they deserve the utmost love, patience and respect in return! While in my care your dog will always be treated with great love and respect! My pack and I can't wait to meet you and your beloved dog!                                                                                                                                         


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